Truckee to June Lake

As you can see from the last update, I was up pretty early to get into position for a Lake Tahoe sunrise image. The image I posted is an iPhone photo. I have over 100 images to process before I post anymore photographs.  I want to thank Janee for her suggestion go down the west side of Lake Tahoe. It was a beautiful drive. There was only one problem I ran into – the Lake Tahoe Marathon. I was told if I went into the State Park at Emerald Bay there would be a good chance I would be delayed for some unknown length of time when leaving. I reluctantly passed it up.

I had another GPS adventure today. I was on Nevada 207 headed for US 395 when the GPS showed a park just off the route. The park was named Velveeta Park. With a name like that I had to see if the park was filled with yellow flowers or just paid for by Kraft. It turned out there was no park at all!

Heading south on US 395 I saw the turn-off for Bodie State Park which is a preserved ghost town. They actually gave me preferred parking right in the town! With the altitude being over 8000ft. I was still sucking air as I left.

Further along on US 395 I explored around Mono Lake looking for good photography sites for sunrise and sunset. I think I found a spot but we’ll all know later tonight and/or tomorrow.


One Response to “Truckee to June Lake”

  1. Mark Mundell Says:

    Hey Pat!
    Great pictures, looks like you are having fun. See you when you get back.

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