Joseph, Oregon – Day One – Aaaargh!

Posted in Joseph on October 1, 2010 by Pat

I decided to spend some time in Joseph this week. The last time I went to Joseph it was on a Memorial Day weekend in the early 90’s and I was welcomed to town with a speeding ticket between Enterprise and Joseph. I deserved it but it was irksome. When I woke up the next morning to a couple inches of snow, with more predicted, I just left town and headed home.

I was convinced this trip would be different. The drive was smooth with almost no traffic, just construction. In particular the very, very small town of Imbler was paving the main street which meant flaggers and delays. Stimulus money at work. When I reached my lodging for the next couple of nights I saw a sign that made me wonder what was in front of me – the resort was “For Sale”. Oh @#$#, what was I to expect from a place which was probably in financial trouble. I found out in a few minutes. After registering and getting the key to cabin #2 I entered the cabin and did a preliminary look-around. Nice, beds were not made and there was no toilet paper, just an empty roll. I went back to the office and they suggested I move to another cabin. The first cabin I was shown had a shower with an entry I had no chance of getting through. The second cabin, #5, looked like it would work out fine so I moved in for the night. The nice folks said they would move me back to cabin #2 for the second night. Great, schlepping my gear to another cabin, tomorrow. By now it was time for a little dinner and off to bed to get up at dawn for some photography. First let’s check to see if there is cell service – nope. WiFi, yes, but I forgot to get the password from the office. I’ll take care of that tomorrow.


Have you seen it?

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Posted on the community mailbox.

Really bad weather!

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Think NW weather is bad this year? Take a look at to see what can happen when you chase tornadoes.

The most amazing oil spill photo I’ve seen yet.

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This photo is just plain sad.

iPad Picture Frame problem

Posted in iPad on May 11, 2010 by Pat

I had a little problem with the Picture Frame function on my iPad 3G – the slide show would stop changing the pictures. If I tapped to bring up the unlock screen and then tapped again the slideshow would run for a few more images then stop again. The fix? A hard reset accomplished by holding both the power button and the Home button until the Apple logo appeared. I’ve found his fixes strange problems on the iPhone so I just tried it with the iPad.