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Technology upgrade plans

Posted in iPad with tags , , on October 16, 2014 by Pat

I currently own the following computer tech:
13″ Early 2008 MacBook being used as a DVR
24″ Early 2008 iMac used as a general use computer
15″ Late 2008 MacBook Pro used for editing photos while traveling
iPad3 used for the web while traveling since the MacBook Pro has no Cell
A hot-rod desktop PC with 27″ high resolution display is only used for all my serious photography editing.

I watched the iPad/iMac announcements this morning and it just firmed up my plans for future technology upgrades. I just “sold” my iPad3 to Gazelle and will be ordering an iPadAir2. This will allow me to run the Adobe CC portable apps. This in turn will mean I will not be replacing my MacBook Pro when it dies or becomes obsolete because the iPadAir2 will be able to support all my needs when traveling.

The 13″ MacBook is cannot accept any of the new OSX releases so it is staying until it dies or I break down and get FIOS. Clear is my current internet provider and has been wonderful. It looks like it will be shutting down in a year or so when Sprint kills their WiMax support so I will need to replace Clear before that happens. When I switch I’ll just use whatever DVR is available from the TV provider. Currently I just am viewing TV over-the-air and the tuner dongle for the MacBook works great.

The 24″ iMac gets the heaviest use of all my devices and it’s beginning to show. I’ve already replaced the disk drive once and it’s sounding like the drive is going to fail again. I expect Yosemite to be the last upgrade this hardware will support so when it quits I’m going to replace it with a MacMini and external display.

I think this plan is the most cost-effective way to move forward in the next step of tech upgrades.