Joseph, Oregon – Days Two and Three – Oh, well!

I was awakened by my alarm, showered, ate a couple breakfast bars, and headed out to Wallowa Lake for some dawn photography. As I walk out the door I realize I’m about 15 minutes late getting away as the dawn light is starting to appear so I hurry to find a good location. The shoot provides some images I think will work but it’s going to take a while to process the raw images.

Time for a real breakfast! I headed into Joseph and stopped at a little cafe. It appears I am the first customer of the day. It gets encouraging as a UPS employee comes in and requests a table for five. Local senior citizens start arriving and heading to a back meeting room. This combination leads me to believe this should be a good meal. The Denver Omelette, hashbrowns and toast was just fine. When I went to leave I find a truck has parked so close to my truck that I could not even get my door open. I found the owner in the cafe meeting room and he moved his truck so I could leave. I stopped at the local market and purchased wraps for lunch and dinner. I went back to my cabin and packed up for the later move to cabin #2.

I went to the resort office and turned in the key for cabin #5 and they gave me a credit for last night since cabin #5 was less expensive than cabin #2. I asked them for the password for the WiFi and they handed me a card with the codes. Great! Now I could check email when I came back. Uh, wait a minute. They say that their internet connection has a usage cap and when the cap is reached it just stops. Sigh. I’ll give it a try later and see what happens.

I decided a trip to Imnaha would be a good drive to see if there was some fall color as I had seen almost none at this point. No fall color here. I thought the Timber, OR post office was small but I think the Imnaha post office was smaller. I headed back to the cabin as my stomach wasn’t feeling so great.

I went to the office and picked up the key for cabin #2. I ate one of the wraps and sat down to rest a while. I didn’t feel well so I just spent the rest of the day in the cabin. Guess what? The WiFi would not connect. Big surprise as it was the 29th day of the month. When I woke up the next morning I was feeling better and went to take a shower. @!#$%! – the diverter for engaging the shower head wasn’t working! No shower! I’ve had it, I’m getting out of here! I packed up, dropped off the key, and blew town. I didn’t stop for breakfast until two hours later when I reached La Grande and a McDonald’s. I decided not I just did not want to trust my stomach to a local cafe again when facing a six hour drive.


Weather was beautiful, photography was OK, travel was uneventful, food was questionable, lodging was a pain-in-the-ass.


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